What is the Gallon Smash Prank? See What Started it All Here

Once you see this prank, you’ll never look at a gallon of milk or tampico the same way again. CollegeHumor’s Favorite Funny Videos

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Magic Tricks to do at Home

magic tricks to do at home

Looking to kill time while stuck at home? Then look into this list of the best magic tricks to do at home. These tricks will be sure to entertain your family!

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Free Magic Tricks 4 U: Easy Tricks That Will Be Sure To Impress

free magic tricks 4 u

Looking for a list of easy magic tricks to impress your friends? With our list of free magic tricks 4 U, you’ll find easy tricks that require little or no props

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The Best Mathematical Card Tricks: Great Magic for a Math Wiz

Mathematical Card Tricks

Looking for a list of the best mathematical card tricks? These math-based tricks require careful counting to pull off and impress your friends

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Famous April Fools’ Day Quotes From Mark Twain to Bill Cosby

April Fools' Quotes

Stop here for the best April Fools’ Day quotes from Mark Twain, Bill Cosby, Oscar Wilde and more. Quotes on fools, laughter, and wise men.

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Best April Fools’ Pranks for School: Hilarious Gags No One Will Forget

Best April Fools Pranks for School

Looking for some last minute ideas for April Fools’ Day pranks? Here, the very best April Fools’ Pranks for school to play on your classmates & teachers.

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