Best April Fools’ Pranks for School: Hilarious Gags No One Will Forget

Best April Fools Pranks for School

Looking for some last minute ideas for April Fools’ Day pranks? Here, the very best April Fools’ Pranks for school to play on your classmates & teachers.

April Fools’ Day at school can be a blast with the right pranks. This list of pranks will all be easy pranks which will not take a lot of planning and should have the whole student body on the floor rolling around laughing it up.

Best April Fools’ Pranks for School

With this best of list of pranks you will have idea on how to perform tricks on your classmates or teachers.

Safe April Fools’ Pranks for School

These pranks are pretty easy to pull off and aren’t too messy, so you shouldn’t get in trouble.

  • Breakfast at School. The most important meal of the day just got a lot more interesting. If you have access to your kitchen at school here are some ideas for a few great pranks to get those classmates who are just waking up. They will never know what hit them. Now freeze the milk, replace the apple juice with vinegar and food coloring, place stings in the apple sauce, replace the yogurt with mayonnaise and finally replace the sugar with salt. Now sit back and relax and laugh at the expense of all your classmates as they try to eat all these gross items of food.
  • Swinging door prank. This one is great for laughs. Find some stickers which match the “push” and “pull” stickers on any of the doors at school. Now replace them with the opposite commands and watch as people are dumbfounded when they either “push” the “pull” or vice versa. Find a safe spot from afar with your classmates and this prank will have you on the busting at the sides with laughter.
  • Misplaced Car. For this prank you will need the help of some of the jocks from your school. Now find an underclassman’s car and have the jocks pick it up and put the car in a weird place. Make sure not to block any emergency exits as well as be ready to move the car back to its original spot after everyone has had a good laugh.
  • Dry Ice Explosion. For this prank you will need a tube with a cap and some water and dry ice. Now once you are in a group of people fill the tube with water, the tube should also contain the dry ice, and then place the cap on the tube. Do this indiscreetly and then just make small talk until the tube explodes and scares the crowd. Be careful laughing though as everyone else will be startled.

Pranks to Play on Teachers

This prank will have the teachers of your school seeing colors. For this prank you will need some Jell-o, some hot water and a stick. Now you will need to sneak into the staff restroom and pour the jell-o and the hot water into all the toilets. Now mix the contents and let the Jell-o and let it set overnight.

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Lucas McWilliams August 30, 2012 at 12:19 pm

Pick up a car and move it back??? Are you guys crazy?

Wayne September 13, 2012 at 6:21 am

This should in no way be taken as a confession to a twenty five year old prank…BUT:

The best one involved getting into the pressbox of the school footbal field with a slightly altered cardboard box and a large bag of marbles.

The box had had its bottom almost entirely removed. The bag of roughly a thousand marbles was emptied into the box after placing it just inside the door of the pressbox. The night of the game, the announcer, who was one of our teachers, tried to open the door to go into the pressbox. The door hit an obstruction (the box) so he pushed the door back and squeezed inside. Then he tried to pick up the box and all the marbles spilled out and rolled down the steps. A few people fell. There were no major injuries.

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