Prank Calls & Texts: Free Prank Dialers & Prank Apps Here

Prank Calls and Texts

Prank calls are a great way to trick friends & strangers. Now it’s easier than ever with prank call apps & prank text programs! We’ve got the guide to both here.

Great Prank Names for Prank Calls: Different Names for Different Bars

Pranks Names

Bored and looking for a list of prank names to make prank calls with? Then look no further than this list of prank names which can leave you laughing for hours.

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Best Prank Call Apps: Fake Calls & Voice Modulators for Great Pranks

Prank Call Apps

Looking for a list of the best prank apps? We’ve scraped together the best phone applications for fake calls & voice modulators to make pranks anonymously

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Best Funny Prank Call Ideas: Easy Prank Calls That Get Laughs

Funny Prank Call Ideas

These funny prank call ideas can be done alone or with friends. Try one of these prank calls today & wait for the priceless reaction!

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The Best Simpsons’ Prank Calls: Bart’s Famous Calls to Moe’s Tavern

Simpsons Prank Calls

Looking for a list of the best Simpsons’ prank calls? We quote the most memorable prank calls Bart has ever made to Moe’s Tavern.

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Funniest Prank Texts: How to Fake Text Your Friends & Get Away With It

Prank Texts

Looking for a list of the funniest prank texts? We have a list of hilarious text gags and how to send them from a different phone number.

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Prank Call People Online for Free Without Being Detected

Prank Call People Online

Want to prank call people online? Technology has made it easier than ever to prank call anyone, anywhere. Mask your voice and try these prank call services.

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Best Free Prank Apps: Easy Ways to Trick Your Friends & Co-Workers

Prank Apps

Free prank apps make it easy to play jokes on unsuspecting friends and family members. Whether you have an iPhone or Android, download these prank apps today.

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