Best Classroom Pranks: Jokes to Disrupt School or Trick a Classmate

Classroom Pranks

Classroom pranks lighten the mood at school. Be the class clown that everyone loves with our list of classic classroom pranks, ranging from easy to difficult.

Have a boring or stuffy class that needs some lightning up? Or does the stern teacher need a lesson in classroom fun? Then try out this list for the best classroom pranks.

Easy Classroom Pranks

These pranks are generally not too harmless and don’t take a lot of time to pull off.

  • Voices everywhere – If the ceiling in your school consists of a dropped ceiling then pick a panel near the teacher’s desk and place a walkie-talkie inside the paneling. Then have some student sit at the back of the classroom and use the other walkie-talkie to make the teacher believe he or she is hearing voices.
  • Inky faced – This is for the heavy sleeper in your classroom. Take a pad of ink and place their hands in the ink once they start to rub their face they will get ink all over it. This prank is quite hilarious and also a lesson to the person falling asleep in class.
  • Channel surfing – When watching a video in class, use a universal remote to change up the channels and play with the video controls. Stop the video or fast forward. Just be careful not to get caught or it will most likely lead to trouble.

More Risky Classroom Pranks

These pranks definitely take some guts to pull off, as if you are caught, you will likely be in big trouble. Be sure to have friends that won’t sell you down the creek if you tell them about it!

  • Glue and feathers – Here is a new twist on the old-water-bucket-above-the-door prank. Instead of having bucket of water, fill the bucket with glue. Once someone walks through the door and is covered in glue, rush up to them and throw feathers at them. This is a great prank and will take hours to clean off the feathers. This prank will be seen by most of the school so everyone will know it is prank time at school.
  • New fire alarm – This prank has the potential to cause lots of trouble but can be hilarious if pulled off. Design a piece of paper with the text “School Cancelation Switch” and place it around the fire alarm. Either way school will be disrupted if once someone pulls the alarm. Mostly likely, the person who pulls the alarm will get in trouble, but the person who leaves the note might escape the principal’s office.
  • Cup blockade – Using plastic cups place them in a hallway with a lot of foot traffic and fill them all about halfway full of some kind of liquid. Now either the students will kick them over and realize they are full of liquids or someone will have to come in and individually pick up each cup and pour the contents in a trash bag. Either way, this is a great distraction prank and will be good for a laugh.

So next time you are looking to spice things up in school check out this list of the best of school pranks. These are great to get classmates and teachers and for everyone to have a good laugh.

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pat September 5, 2012 at 1:02 am

sometimes i do this i take clear glue and put it all over my enemy’s seat . so then when they stand up they have sticky glue all over there butt. be careful you might get caught cause if your enemy’s then he /she might think you do it . so to do this you have to have sneaky moves !

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