Best Clown Tricks: Easy Acts and Props to Pull Off the Funniest Gags

Best Selling Clown Tricks

Looking for the very best clown tricks? We’ve gathered some classic tricks and clown props so you can be sure to be the life of any child’s birthday party.

If you’re looking for some of the most fun clown tricks for beginners, you’ve come to the right place. There are a handful of tricks that should be in every clown’s repertoire.

Clown Tricks for Birthdays

When it is time to clown around and perform tricks for kids at birthday party, there are numerous pranks and gags you can use to entertain an audience. Old classics clown tricks like the drooping rose and the bendy wand will always generate laughs. Have the crowd exploding with laughter with fake dynamite sticks. These are just some of the great items that can assist any clown when it comes to planning a laughtastic party.

Best Tricks for Clowns

Knock the crowd silly with a foam brick. Use it for a prop for any kind of performance and don’t be afraid to take it in the chin.

Wow the crowd with the twist and turns of balloon magic by creating balloon creatures. You can build Bugs Bunny, a Choo Choo train or even a swan laying an egg. Check out this site to learn how to make easy balloon animals.

What would a clown show be without pulling tricks on the audience? Ask for an assistant and have them touch some of the props and then ask them to wipe their hands off on the magic cloth. This bag then shows off a few black handprints showing the assistant is dirty, getting a few laughs in the process.

Clown Props, Perfect for Any Trick

  • Fake gun: Surprise the audience when a gun is pulled out use it for a laugh or two as a flag comes out saying ‘bang.’
  • Crazy eyes: These eye balls are cartoonish in nature and will have the audience gasping as they don’t know rather to laugh or be scared.
  • Fake scissors: Cut up the audience with 15 inch giant scissors. The giant plastic scissors are harmless and sure to entertain a crowd.
  • Harp horn: Always be the center of attention and make sure the audience doesn’t lose sight of the main act with a harp horn. Beep until it is time to exit offstage with this must-have for any clown.
  • Invisible dog leash: Bring any clown’s best friend on the invisible dog leash and have the audience howling with laughter.

The best clown props can be purchased at any local costume shop. Check out these sites for some more ideas and props:

  • is the place to find magic silk handkerchiefs for the show. Sporting a wide variety, use this site to find any color or size a clown can desire.
  • is a great place for any starter clown, ages 8 to 80, where to find easy tricks to wow the audience.
When you’re starting out, it’s important to know the some favorite clown tricks so you know you can pull off a trick the whole audience is sure to love.

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