Best of Door Pranks: Easy Ways to Set Up The Perfect Practical Joke

door pranks

Door pranks are among the best practical jokes out there since everyone has a door. Follow this list for the best door pranks to play on friends & family.

Door pranks are a clever way to prank your friends and family. You can simply set the trap and wait anxiously for your target to enter the door. Are you looking to prank someone at your next surprise party or maybe just an unsuspecting friend?

Best Door Pranks

Check out some of the easier, and best door pranks out there, some of which have been pulled off for years!

  • An oldie but a goodie; place plastic wrap across the doorway. This prank will trap the prey in a clear web of hilarity.
  • Remove the hinges from a door and leave the door in place. This is great for laughs when it falls on the first person to use it.
  • Cause a disturbance while at a hotel and flip all the “Do not disturb” signs to “maid service please.”
  • Leave the door ajar five inches and place a rather large cup of water balancing on the top of the door. The first person to open the door will get a wet surprise as the glass falls and soaks whoever walks through the door. If you want a different spin on it, replace the water with a cereal box.
  • Tie two door handles on separate doors together and trap whoever is stuck inside the rooms.
  • Place baby powder in the crack of the door and with a hose blow in the powder to get a nice coating over everything.
  • Place an “out of order” sign on a working elevator.
  • Place a bag of shaving cream under the crack of a door. Drop a heavy object on the bag the shaving cream will explode into the room.
  • Coat a doorknob with Vaseline, so the doorknob will not be able to turn.
  • Reverse the peephole in a door and turn the tables on the peeper.
  • Jam enough pennies in the door to prevent your subject from either entering or exiting the room. This prank was made famous in the first episode of the TV show Scrubs, as The Janitor makes mortal enemies with JD, believing he put a penny in the door.

More Door Prank Ideas

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Classic Door Pranks

You can also use door pranks to spook your friends and family. Check out these door pranks guaranteed to get a reaction.

  • Hang a fake spider or a bat from the door. When someone enters the room the creature will fall down on scare them. This prank can be pulled over and over as each unsuspecting person enters the door.
  • A traditional door prank is the knock and run trick. Simply ring your subject’s doorbell and run a safe distance away. Sit back and watch as they try to figure out who is playing the prank.
Door pranks for one of the fastest practical jokes around. So if you know your target will be walking through a door, set up the trick at the perfect time, then watch the laughs ensue!

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