Easy April Fools’ Pranks for the Office, Home and School

Easy April Fools' Day Pranks

April Fools’ Day is the perfect day to play pranks on your friends, family or coworkers. Without a lot of time or effort, you can make memories with easy to execute April Fools’ Day prank.

Easy April Fools’ Pranks

Catch your subject off-guard with these easy April Fools’ day prank ideas:

Office April Fools’ Day Tricks

  • Computer prank: Change the Google setting on your coworker’s computer to another language.
  • Sneezing prank: Gross out your coworker by walking up behind then and fake sneezing. Be sure you have a cup of water in your hand, so you can sprinkle their neck with water and thoroughly gross them out.
  • Wardrobe change: Go to the restroom and change your clothes several times during the day. Walk around the office like nothing has changed.
  • Coffee trick: Change out all of the office coffee to decaffeinated coffee. The office will go crazy for their caffeine.
  • Underwear gag: Leave a pair of underwear in the bathroom for your coworkers to find. Be sure to write the name of another coworker on the inside of the underwear, and watch as hilarity ensures in the office.





Easy School April Fools’ Day Tricks for Classmates and Friends

  • Fake Test: Scare a classmate or friend about a test. Let them know you are exhausted and you have been up all night studying. Sit back and enjoy as the subjects starts panicking.
  • Fake change: Super glue some change to a sidewalk. As you are leaving school or walking with your friends, point out the change. Take a moment to enjoy the prank as they are scraping change from the sidewalk.
  • Food coloring gag: Bring a small container of food coloring and turn your friend’s drinks a funny color. This prank works best with milk.

Easy April Fools’ Day Pranks for Home

  • Salt the toothbrushes: Wake up early on April Fool’s Day and sprinkle salt on each toothbrush in the home. Your family will wake up to a salty surprise.
  • Frozen breakfast: Freeze a breakfast bowl half filled with water over night? Offer to pour your subjects breakfast. Fill the rest of the bowl with cereal and milk. Enjoy the rewards of your prank when they are unable to dig into their breakfast.
  • Smoking exhaust gag: Pour cooking oil on the exhaust of someone’s car. The car will smoke up when they start their car.
  • Hair dryer prank: Fill your subject’s blow dryer with baby powder or flour. When they turn it on, they will be coated in a powdery mess.

April Fools’ Day pranks are fun and easy to pull off. There are pranks for every social situation, but remember if you dish it out, be prepared for the consequences.

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