Free Magic Tricks 4 U: Easy Tricks That Will Be Sure To Impress

free magic tricks 4 u

Free Magic Tricks 4 U

Looking for some free and easy magic tricks then look no further as these tricks are 4 U. Listed are the best magic tricks and since they are so easy they will not require a lot of props. So if you are a beginner and looking for some free magic tricks, then check out this list.

The “Gotcha Coin Trick”

You will need three coins and that is it. Now with these coins set them up as follows: Coin A is heads, Coin B is tales and Coin C is heads. Now bet someone that you can make all the coins flip up tails after only three moves. Now here is the sequence of moves you must remember to make this trick work. Move #1: pick up Coin B and Coin C and flip those over. Move #2: Flip over Coin A and C. The last and final move #3: Flip over Coin B and Coin C. Now all the coins should be tails and you should have won some money!

Card Warp Trick

All you will need is two cards for this trick. You will wow the audience with your ability to turn one card into another. The two cards you will need should be from two different decks, one with a blue back and one with a red back. Now one of the cards must have a cut in the card, about half way through the card. Now fold both cards, one in half length wise and the other vertically. Now fold the card with a cut into the length-folded card. Now once you have the cards folded into each other, flip over the card with a cut and now you can give the illusion that the card is switching every time you move the card.

Melting Card Trick

This trick is easy and only requires a deck of cards. These can be your own or a borrowed deck. From the deck of cards pick one card and place it at the top. Now with each flick of the wrist use your thumb and slide the top of the card about half way down the stack. One more flick and the top card is now at the bottom. Use your thumb to slide the card out and back into the deck each time you flick your wrist. This is an easy trick and will require a bit of banter to draw attention away from the deck. This trick requires practice but is learned quickly so that you may perform it at parties or in front of crowds.

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Jordan Ellis January 31, 2012 at 8:41 pm

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jennifer hernandez June 2, 2012 at 1:38 am

I made $50 bucks off of these tricks!!!!!!!!!!!!! I defenately hit the JACKPOT!!!!!!

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