Best Funny Prank Call Ideas: Easy Prank Calls That Get Laughs

Funny Prank Call Ideas

These funny prank call ideas can be done alone or with friends. Try one of these prank calls today & wait for the priceless reaction!

Next time you get the itch to pull some fun and harmless pranks pull them from the safety of your house from your phone. So now instead of going outside and exposing yourself to the elements and police officers, you can play pranks over the airwaves and through cell phones. With this list you will be able to prank call like the best of them and have a great time laughing as the other end of the phone call is completely clueless.

Funny Prank Call Ideas

Pick up the phone and dialing random numbers use to be pretty fun when technology wasn’t controlling every aspect of life. Now there is caller ID and auto call back which makes making prank calls even harder these days.

Prank callers have to use different methods now to get a laugh while prank calling. Well now with this list you should be able to gather some ideas and use them.

Prank Calls With Prize Money

Find a restaurant which is having a giveaway and take some of the business cards or fliers filled out. Call those people and inform them that they have won and they need to come down to collect their prize at the restaurant. Now coordinate when the unsuspecting person will show at the restaurant get ready for some laughs.

Call a charity and make a pledge with a fake name or the name of a really good friend. Make sure to have contact information so when the check does not come they will have someone to call and ask, politely the first time, where the donation is.

Prank Call Ideas For All Occasions

Find a train crossing and park next to it when a train is coming down the tracks. Call a friend or a family member and start up a casual conversation. As the train approaches pretend to have car troubles and tell the other person on the line to hold on. Now get out of the car and get close to the train tracks and start to act panicked on the phone.

Tell the other person your car has died on the tracks and you are trying to restart the car. As it gets closer and closer start to yell and then as the train passes you hang up the phone. Be prepared to call back right away so they know it was a joke. You’ll probably have to give a long explanation after the prank call (and may even be grounded for a few weeks), but it will still be good for a few laughs.

Prank Calls With Friends

With a group of friends prank call a random number and ask for anyone. If there is no one at the number go ahead and hang up like nothing is wrong. Now with next person have them call the same number and repeat the whole process.

Do this until the other person on the line is agitated and then have one more person call and tell the victim that he is indeed that person and wondering if there have been any calls.

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