Great Magic Tricks for Kids at Home: Easy, Cheap Card & Coin Tricks

Magic Tricks for Kids at Home

Do you need some magic tricks for kids at home? These tricks are easy & don’t require a lot of prep, but kids will love performing them

These are easy tricks and will only need a deck of cards or some coins. So go ahead and learn these tricks and every night will be magical with you and your child.

Magic tricks for kids at home

So grab some supplies, cards, stings and coins and get set for some easy magic tricks.

Coin Tricks to Do at Home With Kids

This trick is called multiplying money. For this trick you will need two quarters and a dime. Now we will use the dime to block the appearance of the quarters to the audience. Hold the quarters in your hand, between your ring finger and your thumb. Now take the dime and place it perpendicular to the quarters. This will block the view of the quarters to the audience. Now as you wave your hands in front of the quarters, slide the dime behind the back quarter. Now you should show the two quarters to the audience and you have just multiplied the money.

Now let’s make some money disappear with this trick. You will need a piece of paper, a quarter, foil and a pair of scissors. Now cover the quarter with the foil and take the time to really get every detail of the quarter onto the imprint of the foil. Now with the foil quarter in one hand and the paper in the other hand, show them to the audience and with a little banter, crumble up the paper and the foil and viola, the coin has disappeared.

Awesome String Tricks

For this trick you will need a straw, a knife and a piece of string. Now use the knife to cut a slit into the straw about a third of the straw. Do not cut the straw in half, yet. Now place the string into the straw and pull the string taunt. You will see the string as it will pull through the straw. Using your fingers to hide the string now cut the straw in half. Now pull the string through the broken straw, being mindful to hide it with your fingers, and presto, one string which seems to have restored itself.

This trick will require two matching shoe strings, a string and also requires the use of pants. Now tie a piece of string to one of the shoe laces. Run the string and shoe laces down the pants so that the string is hanging out the back of your pants. Now fold the show string into the show, shake the pant leg and pull up the string while the tied shoe laces pop out.

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