The Best MIT Pranks: Famous Gags on Great Dome & More By MIT Hacks

MIT Pranks

MIT pranks have become known worldwide for their creativity & scale. Learn about some of the most famous MIT pranks, conducted by the group known as the “Hacks.”

Being the most prestigious mathematics school in America comes with a lot of stress and honor, so it is only fitting that they are also a school which likes to pull of some pretty incredible pranks. These pranks have taken on a life of their own so much so that a group of people performing the pranks have been dubbed “Hacks.”

This group of, usually undergraduates, is used to perform and set up pranks on the MIT campus. Several spots on campus have become prank hotspots, like Great Dome, Little Dome and the Green Building are some of these hotspots.

Great Dome MIT Pranks

On the Great Dome, MIT Hacks have made it look like R2-D2 to commemorate the opening of Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. They also did the same thing for the opening of Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring by making the illusion of a ring tied around the top of the dome.

There has also been a fire truck placed on top as another thank you to the firefighters of 9/11. Another prank involving a police campus car was found on top of the dome, with flashing lights and mannequin, also with doughnuts and coffee. This famous MIT prank is not enshrined at the school after being constructed on top of the Great Dome.

MIT Pranks on Harvard

Another famous target for the Hacks is the statue of Harvard’s John Harvard. He has been painted an array of colors from rival schools. He has donned women’s undergarments and a bronze rat. The statue has even been fitted with a plaster leg after being beaten badly in a football game.

When news came out that the Unabomber was from Harvard, the statue was fitted with sunglasses and a hoodie. Lastly he was given the Halo look for the release of Halo 3. But not to fear, one of the Hacks’ oaths is to make sure any prank can easily be removed without causing permanent damage to any item.

Pranks During Harvard vs. Yale Football Game

MIT has also performed a lot of pranks on the Harvard vs. Yale football game dating all the way back to 1982 when they released a weather balloon from the center of the field and on the balloon was the MIT logo. One such story is the prank that was planned for the game between Harvard and Yale in 1948 which in a group of students from MIT planted under the grass some primer cord which would have spelled out MIT. It would have gone off except the game was during the end of summer and security caught a group of students with trench coats on to conceal the batteries needed to set off the primer cord.

So next time you think the egg heads don’t have fun, look no further than the school of MIT to see all the awesome pranks they have pulled off. This was just a small sampling of the awesomeness that is MIT pranks.

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