Best Practical Jokes to Play on Friends: Funniest Pranks Made Easy

Pranks to Play on Friends

In need of some practical jokes to play on friends? Then check out this list of best pranks to play on your friends as well as a list of the best prank sites online.

Some of the best jokes are played on the ones we love. There are a variety of practical jokes to play on friends, ranging from spur of the moment jokes to holiday pranks.

Ever get a sudden urge to play practical jokes on friends? A friend’s home can provide the perfect setting to execute the prank efficiently. The following are some quick and easy practical jokes to play on friends.

Best Practical Jokes to Play on Friends

  • Alarm trick: Simply change the time on their alarm clock so they will be late for work.
  • Salt and pepper trick: Using salt and pepper shakers, take off the lids and fill the pepper one with salt and vice versa. Now cut out paper holes and cover the rest of the shaker. When someone uses the shaker, it will dispense the opposite of what they expected and they won’t be able to find out why.
  • Hide the keys: Steal your friend’s keys and play a nice game of hot and cold until they find them. Or switch up the rules and place the keys in the freezer and whenever they get close say cold instead of hot.

Technology Pranks

Sometimes the best pranks can be pulled off if you have access to a friend’s computer or other technology device.

  • Cell phone prank: Ask to borrow your friend’s cellphone to make a quick call. Instead of that, just change the language settings to be in French, Spanish, or maybe even Japanese!
  • Computer prank: If your friend has left their computer unlocked, feel free to see if they still have their Facebook page up and then feel free to change their status. Maybe your friend who has been in a relationship for several years is suddenly single or vice versa. Maybe this same friend has a new job and is moving to a foreign country. The opportunities are endless.

Great Websites for Pranks

  • is a great site for guys looking to play pranks on their friends. The lists are endless and they have all types of different events or holidays to have themed pranks.
  • is the foundation in online sites which to use to find pranks to play on your friends.
  • is a family-friendly website that is great for finding pranks. From April Fools’ Day jokes to jokes to play on siblings, this is the place to go.
  • is another site to find different types of jokes and pranks. The jokes and pranks are all typed out and are great for referencing or looking for ideas to prank your friends.

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steven milsteen November 14, 2012 at 1:59 am

put a fake spider in someone who is afrade of spiders

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