Best Free Prank Apps: Easy Ways to Trick Your Friends & Co-Workers

Prank Apps

Free prank apps make it easy to play jokes on unsuspecting friends and family members. Whether you have an iPhone or Android, download these prank apps today.

The obsession with technology has created new ways to play pranks on friends and family. By simply downloading a prank app to a smartphone can offer hours of entertainment at your target’s expense. Check out the broken screen app for those obsessed with their phones. Or try an old-fashion prank call with a voice modulator app. The always popular fart app will have friends and family rolling on the ground from laughter.

Best free prank apps

  • Broken screen app. Simply simulate a broken screen on a friend’s phone using a cracked screen application and watch the panic ensue. This app is great for the techno geek who obsesses over their phone. The app shows a crack in the screen and does not wipe off or is easily removed unless the person pranked learns of the app.
  • Voice modulator app. The Voice Changer Plus will allow you to modify your voice and save them to prank your friends and family. Select the dialogue for your prank from a list of phrases and prank call friends and coworkers and even strangers for a good laugh.
  • Fart app. Pick up a fart app and pass gas all the time and blame it on someone else. Now, instead of blaming the dog, pass gas in a meeting at work and see what happens. Do they stop the meeting or does it continue on like normal? No one will know it is you and they will be odorless, but still hilarious.
  • Prank free – This is a great app if you just want to kill time and take a look at different pranks. Don’t have time at home or don’t want to give any hints of planning a prank. With this app you can search for all sorts of different pranks to pull on family members and friends. Find pranks to play at lunch or classic pranks such as tying string between two doors so no one will be able to exit the rooms.

Prank call apps

Prank call apps allow for a whole new level of prank phone calls. You can prerecord dialogue, which can be used to prank call people. The Fake-A-Call application is a popular iPhone app that will call your friends phone with fake caller ids. You can now fake a call from the President of the United State or your unsuspecting friend’s mother.

Where to download prank apps

Both the Android Market and Apple App Store have plenty of prank apps available for download, some for free and some for a small fee. It’s easy to find plenty of voice modulators and apps with prank ideas. Mashable has a great list of iPhone app pranks, and has the top 10 apps to pull pranks with.

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paul smith February 22, 2012 at 9:41 pm

I have found an fun prank android app called farter.
I tried it on friends and they all could not stop laughing. It’s probably the best prank app I have ever downloaded.

Ricky Mcmorris June 27, 2012 at 11:16 pm

I’m trying to find a good prank for my daughter like she did me

info cloud-nueve November 18, 2012 at 5:59 pm

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