Best Prank Call Apps: Fake Calls & Voice Modulators for Great Pranks

Prank Call Apps

Looking for a list of the best prank apps? We’ve scraped together the best phone applications for fake calls & voice modulators to make pranks anonymously.

Prank Call Apps

There is never a bad time for a prank call. Have you ever said something inappropriate at work and caused an awkward moment? These apps are great to use to get out of awkward situations. Maybe you are at a party and need to lighten the mood. These apps are also great for prank calling your way out of an awkward situation.

Fake Call Apps

  • Fake-a-call free edition from Excelltech. This app has prerecorded voices in specific situations. One of them is a woman posing as a grandmother who will Facetime your phone but have no vocals, as an added knock on how the elder cannot use technology correctly. You can use these calls to bail out of an awkward situation or maybe a party needs some laughs.
  • FakeCaller from Hot Potato, is similar to Fake-a-call but can offer more customization. Pick the picture of the caller and the ring tone and again find a way to get out of awkward situations or mess with your friends when famous people call you for advice.

Voice Modulator Apps

The next list works with sound boards to produce new voices. Some of these are prerecorded and others augment the voice of the caller. Voice modulator apps help you disguise your voice. There are many different choices of apps. Call up a family member or a friend and scare them with the creepy voice. Call work with a robot voice and let your boss know you are running late. Call your cousin with the alien voice and scare them with abduction stories. Most apps are free and are good for some laughs.

  • Prank call friends and family members with the Arnold Schwarzenegger sound board. Dial a number and then press the buttons to use these quick audio clips of Arnold’s famous movie quotes.
  • Prank Now from Overlord Pty Ltd is another sound board program. This time though the voice is from Dennis and he work with the Illegal Downloading Watchdog department. Call up your buddy and accuse them of illegally downloading movies or music. There is also an option for Dennis to accuse the caller of downloading an excessive amount of X-rated material.
  • Prank Call from Fuze Inc. This voice modulator contains several characters and they are set in certain situations. To start call a friend and the pick a friend and then use the sound board clips to pull the prank. Prank call the pizza shop with the voice of Bubba, the dim witted dunce looking to eat some pizza. Bubba’s vocabulary is limited and makes ordering a pizza a rather funny scene.

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