Best Prank Supplies: Top Prank Items for Easy Gags and Jokes

Prank Supplies

Top prank supplies include black mouth gum, the famous whoopee cushion, and more. Find the best prank items here and where to buy them for the perfect gag.

Keep prank supplies on hand to lighten up any situation. Whether you are in the mood surprise someone with a Whoopee Cushion or to strike them with a stink bomb, a good prank is sure to entertain.

Prank supplies

Here are the best of prank supplies and a brief description on how to use them, so you can make the right choice when purchasing an awesome prank item.

  • Black Mouth Candy.  This piece of gum will give tan unsuspecting gum chewer quite the surprise when their friends or coworkers start asking why their mouth has suddenly turned black.
  • Gag Lottery Ticket.   This gag item plays off of people’s greed. They are given a lottery ticket that looks real, scratches off just like a real ticket and even has a cash prize just like a real lottery ticket. Only, there is no turning this lottery ticket in for a prize. After the subject finds out they have won a grand prize, they turn the ticket over to find out where to claim their prize, only to find out that the ticket is indeed fake.
  • Pranks are always better with fake poop. This comes in many sizes and shapes and even colors. Use fake poop to gross people out by putting in on their desk, chair or table. There is even fake poop that tastes like candy, now there is a mouthful.
  • And lastly, don’t forget prank items in the spills category. From fake nail polish to cigarette burns, these prank supplies work well on neat freak friends. Ever tried to clean up nail polish or fix a cigarette burn? It is nearly impossible and now you can prank people with these items.

Whoopee Cushion: The Original Prank Item

Pranks can never go wrong with the classic the Whoopee Cushion prank. The cushion has been around for ages and never ceases to bring out laughs and embarrasses the person who sits on it. Simply put the Whoopee Cushion under the unsuspecting person and when they sit down, it will sound like a giant explosion of gas.

Where to Buy Prank Items

The list of prank supplies above is just a quick glance of the many pranks out there. Do not be restricted to just these five types of prank supplies. From toilet paper with funny sayings on it to fake parking tickets, the number of prank supplies seems endless.
Check out these prank supply websites:

  • This is a great place to find some of the best prank supplies so that you can play a fast one on friends and family members.
  •  The prank store has it all when it comes to pranks and gag gifts. The one stop for all things gags gifts.
No matter where you buy your prank supplies, be sure you have a few on hand for when the perfect opportunity to pull a gag on your friends presents itself.

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