Easy Shower Pranks to Pull on Roommates or Unsuspecting Houseguests

shower pranks

Shower pranks are one of the easiest practical jokes to pull on roommates or friends. Check out this list of best shower pranks to leave them wet & embarrassed.

Showers pranks are a terrific way to catch the unsuspecting houseguest or roommate off guard. Take a typically relaxing shower from peaceful to hilarious in a matter of seconds.

Easy Shower Pranks

There are many ways to shock or surprise your friend in the shower, depending on how mean you want to be. Here

  • Butter the floor: Grease down the bathroom floor, and give your target a slippery surprise as they slide their way to the shower.
  • Towel surprise: To execute this prank, sprinkle some powdered food dye on your friend’s towel. Note: you should attempt to match the color as close to the towel as possible. When they dry off, they will be covered with food dye.
  • Shower soup prank: Simply, place cubes of bullion behind the showerhead. As your target showers they will be greeted with a soupy mess. This pranks sprays yellow or brown liquid (depending on the bullion) all over his or her face.
  • Missing clothes prank: Steal your friend’s clothes when he or she in the shower. If you want to raise the stakes, demand a ransom or leave a costume for your target to wear as they search for their clothes.
  • shower pranks
  • Soap in the showerhead: Give your friend a soapy surprise by filling the showerhead full of soap. This prank will surely leave you entertained and your friend annoyed.

Temperature Pranks

Nothing quite ruins a nice, warm shower like a nasty cold shock to the system. Here are two ways to get that effect.

  • Cold shower: Give your friend a shock by taking a bucket of ice and dumping it into the shower covering the unsuspecting person with a load of ice.
  • Shower handle prank: Simply swap the hot and cold shower handles and listen as your loved one shrieks when he or she can’t adjust the water temperature.

Novelty Shower Prank Items

Do you have houseguests who you would like to make a little uncomfortable in your bathroom? Don’t be afraid to decorate your bathroom with novelty shower items.

  • Butt Face Towel: Replace a houseguest’s regular towel with a Butt Face towel. This towel is divided in half with the words “butt” and “face” displayed on it. This prank is not only practical, but also fun.
  • Novelty shower curtains: Before houseguests arrive, replace your standard shower curtain with a novelty curtain. These curtains range from the silhouette of a hot chick to horror themes and are sure to be a crowd pleaser.
If you  play any of these tricks on a roommate, be sure to double check everything before you shower, or you could be the next victim of a clever shower prank.

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