Best Funny Yard Pranks: Outdoor Gags to Surprise Your Neighbors

Yard Pranks

Score one on your neighbor with these funny yard pranks. These outdoor pranks are easy and harmless, but will be remembered by the whole neighborhood.

Start a new tradition and twist on lawn games. Have a little neighborly fun by playing yard pranks on your neighbors. Of course, be prepared for your neighbor’s revenge.

Top Yard Pranks

Are you looking for some classic yard pranks? Check out the best yard pranks to play.

  • Garden gag: Take time to grow a little garden in someone’s yard. Simple, sprinkle some carrot seed through an unsuspecting homeowners lawn. Watch as a patch of carrots grows
  • Classic tepee trick: Tepee your subject’s house with toilet paper. One you have covered the yard and trees, be sure to use the hose and soak the paper making it wet and difficult to clean up.
  • Wildlife prank: If you live in an area populated with deer, sprinkle a few round chocolate candies on the ground near the door and smash them a bit. Ring your neighbor’s door. As you are having the conversation with them, mention you think there might be wildlife in the area. Simple, bend down and eat a few of the snacks and say, “yep, we do have wildlife in the area.” Watch and enjoy as they react in disgust to your prank.
  • Newspaper prank: Replace your neighbor’s newspapers each morning with the paper from the previous day. See how many mornings you can get away with playing this gag on your unsuspecting neighbor.
  • Sign in the yard: When your neighbor goes on vacation, place a “For Sale” sign in your neighbor’s yard and watch how quickly the neighborhood gossip spreads.
  • Salt the yard: Spell out a funny saying or draw a funny picture with salt and as the lawn dies, your image will appear.
  • Penny gag: Superglue pennies to your neighbor’s driveway. Watch in amusement as they to peal the change from the pavement.

Holiday Yard Pranks

While Halloween is always a good time to play yard pranks, don’t forget about the Christmas season as the perfect time to get in a festive spirit.

  • Holiday scavenger hunt: Have a little holiday fun with your neighbors or family by rearranging the holiday lights. You could even take it a step further and create a scavenger hunt using the holiday yard decorations.
  • Christmas tree gag: After the holidays, collect all of the dead Christmas trees from the neighborhood and place them in your neighbor’s yard.

Lawn Ornament Gags

If you are looking for additional gags to play on the neighborhood, you can always use lawn ornaments. Be sure to checkout these websites for hilarious yard decorations:

  • Give your neighbor a surprise with a pooping gnome lawn ornaments. This gag is sure to add character to any yard. For more information, go to
  • If you are interested in additional gag gnomes, has a whole section of funny gag gnomes.

There are inexpensive ways to prank your neighbor’s yard, or you can buy a funny creature to brighten up their yard. Regardless of your method, be prepared for your neighbor’s revenge.

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'Judiee June 18, 2012 at 1:43 pm

My Prank♥

Put a YARD SALE sign where people can see it and give directions to it. Then in a section of yard put a for sale sign on it. Sell it for a Dollar.

JuliaaPaigee October 14, 2012 at 8:00 pm

Cut out 2 circles in a toilet paper tube and put a glow stick in it. Hide it in your (or their) bushes.

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